Best Videos Editing Software For YouTube

Willing to watch a movie, listen to a song or want an instant recipe, youtube is always the prior option for each of these things nowadays. From kids to adults everyone uses their smartphones and desktops to watch youtube. But have you ever thought about how much effort it takes to make a single youtube video? From capturing to editing, everything needs to be perfect to make a proper video.

Use of different software is done to make a video. With the help of this software you can increase the quality of your video and provide your audience the best to watch. Finding the right software can be a bit complicated, therefore here we have a list of them that will help you choose some of the best software for editing videos for youtube.

Corel Video Studio

It is a video editing software package for Windows. It allows both timeline-oriented editing and storyboard. The software allows different formats that are supported for source clips that can be exported to DVD, HD-DVD and AVI. It provides several categories of video transitions including FX, Album and 3D. It can change apparent video playback speed, modify the hue and saturation and reverse it. The soundtrack can be split and allows the audio to play at different paces. VideoStudio even supports editing high-definition video.


Another video editing software that proves to be perfect for beginners is the blender. It is a free and open 3D creation software that allows basic actions such as splicing and video cuts. It even helps you in the complex tasks of video masking or color grading. It is popular due to its open-source code, cross-platform characteristics and availability. It is one of the perfect software with a detailed and intuitive timeline along with audio mixing and live preview features. The software is available at an affordable price.


The free and open-source cross-platform allows video editing on Linux, macOS and Windows. Shotcut was started in 2011 and was developed in 2004 by Dan Dennedy and is developed on the MLT Multimedia framework. It supports audio, video and image formats and uses a timeline for non-linear video editing. The current version of Shotcut is the rewrite by Dan Dannedy. It has a multi-core parallel image processing hardware and gives a number of audio supports. It tends to be a perfect pick for beginners.


One more video editing software application in the list is iMovies. You can by the name that it is developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOs and iPod devices. It is a perfect editing tool for Apple’s consumer market. It has a high definition video support that includes modifying and enhancing the videos. It has multi-clip video effects and helps you create a cutaway by using a green or blue screen to cut out a subject and replace the background by another clip. In this way you can make perfect videos by iMovie.

Premiere Rush

If we talk about a beginner-friendly video editing software then Premier rush stands on top. It has all the basic features that are used to edit a video and boosts the functionality of the video. If you are willing to edit the youtube videos on your mobile then premiere rush will help you to do so. You can trim, add and cut different video clips to make a single and perfect video at the end and update it on youtube. It is an easy to access software with features such as balancing sound level, auto ducking and motion graphics.


To edit and master the digital videos you can make use of the non-linear editing system called Lightworks. As it is available on all the three Windows, mac and linux platforms it has millions of adopters worldwide. This one proves to be a good video editing software for youtube having a number of features and characteristics. It has different versions from which the free one comes with limited features and the paid one has some unlimited features. If you are searching for a video editor for best results then you should surely choose this one.

Final Cut Pro

In the series of non-linear video-editing Final cut pro has a top rank. It allows users to log and transfer video onto a hard drive that can be further edited and processed to a wide variety of formats. It supports a number of video tracks with unlimited audio tracks, multi-camera editing that helps combine video to multiple sources and other different edit functions. It consists of separate files such as project file, media source files, render files and cache files that makes it a worth using tool for video editing.

Premiere Elements

The Adobe Premiere Elements is also a popular video editing software that was published by Adobe systems. This one is the scaled down version of the Adobe Premiere Pro. It is frequently used as an added value with Adobe Photoshop Element. It works on multiple keyframe effects that are used to give an effective result to the video. It features real time video rendering that allows the user to instantly preview the edits made to your video. It helps you to make a creative video for platforms such as youtube.

HitFilm Express

The free to use software that is especially designed to edit videos like a pro is the HitFilm Express. It is one of the best video-editing software for youtubers that allows perfect video editing in just less time and with great quality. There are hundreds of visual effects and creativity features in the software that makes it a cool tool to use. You can easily and quickly make the high quality videos with the help of HitFilm Express video editor. It works on both mac and Windows that are the common user platforms.

Ending Note

So these are some of the most popular video editing software tools that are going to help you to edit the videos at optimum. You can impress your audience by choosing any of the above mentioned tools. It will just take a minimum amount of time and will give you the best results.

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