How to Transfer Money From PayTM Wallet To Bank Account Without Any Charges

Paytm is now one of the most popular digital payments apps. Paytm’s popularity soared during demonetization in 2016. Paytm is able to make transactions much easier for those who don’t have cash or can pay digitally. Paytm is truly making India digital in many ways. Paytm provides all services, from mobile recharge to booking train tickets to booking movie tickets, to booking flight tickets and even booking flight tickets.

Paytm offers cashback to its users for certain transactions. Paytm is a great option for customers who forget their wallets. Paytm can be used to pay for items at nearby shops if one is unable to withdraw cash from an ATM. Today, most uber, ola, and auto drivers have a Paytm scanner in their cars. This allows them to transfer money easily through the app.

Paytm allows you to transfer money between different bank accounts. Users complain that they have to pay a convenience fee of 5% when they transfer money from their Paytm wallet into a bank account. These steps will help you avoid paying merchants money.

Step 1: How to transfer money without charges from Paytm wallet into a bank.

Install Paytm for Business app from App Store or Play Store.

STEP 2: What’s the Next Step?

You will see a prompt asking you to choose your preferred language. Select the language you prefer.

STEP 3: Is it Going to Require My Mobile Number

Enter your mobile number, then your password, and click Next.

STEP 4: After Entering Your Mobile Number, What’s the Next Ttep?

Click on the button to accept payment via QR.

STEP 5: Do I need to provide information such as PAN Card details?

Next, enter information such as your identification details like Name on PAN and PAN Number. Also, list your bank account number with your IFSC Code.

STEP 6: What next steps should I take after receiving my QR code

Paytm will send you a message as soon as your QR code is generated. Open the Paytm app. Click on Accept Pay and download your QR code.

STEP 7: What’s the next step?

Click on Paytm now to transfer money into a bank account. Next, click on the Pay button

STEP 8: What should you do with your QR code right now?

After clicking on the prompts for photos, select the QR code you have downloaded from your gallery.

STEP 9: What amount should you transfer now?

Enter the amount that you wish to transfer to your bank account.

STEP 10: Here is the last step.

All your money has been successfully transferred to your bank.

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