How to Delete Swiggy Account Permanently

Everyone wants to enjoy delicious food and not have to work too hard. Swiggy is a great service that delivers the best food to your location. We need to delete the account due to a number of reasons. We don’t know how we can delete the Swiggy accounts. I’m sure you also want to delete your account. To help you, I’ll show you two easy ways to delete your swiggy accounts.

Let’s not waste your time, let’s get on with today’s topic. But wait! Before we begin, here are some guidelines.

Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering platform, was founded in 2014. Swiggy has expanded to 100 cities today because of its outstanding food delivery performance. Swiggy’s headquarters is in Bengaluru (India). Swiggy can help you find the best hotels close to you and also provide reviews of the hotels you are interested in.

There are two ways to delete an account. The first is to delete your account via the app. The second is to delete it using the computer.

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How to Delete Your Swiggy Mobile account

Finally, we have reached our first step, which is to delete your swiggy accounts. Follow my step-by-step guide to delete swiggy accounts.

Swiggy app: 

  • Tap on My Account 
  • Click on Help 
  • Scroll down to select FAQs 
  • Scroll Down 
  • Select Deactivate My Account 
  • Copy the Mail Address 
  • Mail them with any questions or feedback.

Your account will be deleted within 28-48 hours. Follow the Step-by-step guide if you didn’t catch me.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete a Swiggy Account

  • Go to the Swiggy App.
  • Log in to access your account
  • Click on the Account button at the bottom left of your device.
  • Click on the Help button
  • You can also visit the FAQs section.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and choose Deactivate My Account.
  • Here you’ll find the Swiggy Mail ID
  • Copy it
  • Go to Gmail, or any other email service you prefer
  • Send a mail with the title “Delete my account”
  • Add I review the instance activation.
  • After this, the swiggy will call you to confirm. Your account will be deleted if you confirm.

Finally, I have teched you. However, if you still have problems. Don’t worry, just contact us.

Swiggy can help you solve your problem. They will be able to solve your problem. I trust you will understand my point.

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