How to Delete Google Account from Redmi Phone

Re-adding the account that is responsible for the problem is one of the best ways to resolve email issues on mobile devices. This will eliminate any corrupted or erratic settings that could have caused an error when sending or receiving email on the device.

It is easy to delete an Android phone’s email account. However, the steps vary depending on which device model you have and what carrier you are using.

This quick guide will show you how to delete a Gmail account from the Redmi Phone. It doesn’t require you to delete any user data or downloaded applications. Here’s how it works.

Simple Steps to Delete Google Account from Redmi Phone

You can delete all data associated with a Gmail account, including emails and contacts.

The internal storage and downloaded apps that have saved data are not affected. Therefore, creating backups is not really necessary. You can still back up the files you need for safety. Follow these steps to ensure you are all set.

  • To access the main settings menu, first tap on the Settings icon in the Home screen or Apps screen.

  • Scroll down to Accounts and tap Sync while in the settings menu.

  • The next screen will display a list of all your saved accounts. To continue, tap Google

  • Next, a list of Google accounts will appear. Click on the account you wish to delete and tap on it.

  • The sync menu will open prompting all services and apps that are connected to the account. Below the screen is the More icon. To view more options, tap on the More icon.
  • You will be presented with additional options in a pop-up menu. Choose the option to remove your account.

  • To confirm, you will need to read the last warning before clicking the Remove Account button.

The account will be deleted from the Google Accounts List. All information on the phone stored by that account will be deleted. The access to the Google Play Store via that account will also be removed.

Repeat the steps to remove an account. You can add or delete any account and have it restored to your phone as new. That’s it! You can delete a Google account on Redmi.

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