How To Close Kotak Credit Card Online

Kotak Mahindra bank offers a simple way for credit card holders to close their credit cards. You can deactivate or cancel your Kotak credit cards by following several steps.

A credit card allows you to have an immediate loan and most people use it to their advantage. There are times when you feel that the card is unnecessary or better without it.

They often cancel their credit cards or close them. Here’s how to cancel your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card. Learn more about how to close your Kotak Mahindra Credit Card.

How To Close Or Cancel A Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra Bank provides clear instructions for cardholders about how to cancel their credit cards. This is the procedure.

Kotak customer service: Kotak Credit Cardholders can call the customer support number at 1860 266-0111 to cancel their card. They will be able to make an official request to cancel their card. They will be given instructions by the executive on how to proceed with the process.

By writing: A letter is another way to cancel your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card. The bank recommends that you send a request in writing to the branch requesting the cancellation of the card. Once they have received the request, the bank will proceed with the whole process.

How Can I Determine Which Credit Card Should Not Be Canceled?

It is best not to close multiple credit cards at once. You should never close too many credit cards at the same time. This can negatively impact your credit score and make it difficult to get a loan or apply for a new card.

You can evaluate your usage patterns, the interest rates and reward programs of all cards and then get rid of the ones that are not providing you with the most benefits. You can also continue to use older credit cards, as well as close ones, that you have obtained in a relatively recent time.

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How Do I Deactivate My Credit Card?

After you have made a decision about which credit card to cancel, the first thing you should do is to inform the bank via the appropriate channel. This is a good idea. The bank will cross-check the request and verify its authenticity. It also helps in cases of disputes.

A bank will not cancel a credit card if there are no outstanding balance dues. Customer-care executives should be able update you on this information, including interest fees and other charges. You will need to pay a lump-sum payment or in installments if there is still a balance. In case of any disputes, it is a good idea that you pay your outstanding dues as well as keep track of your payments.

After you have paid your dues, you must insist on receiving a written acknowledgment from the bank confirming that the card has been canceled and that it has received all outstanding dues. After the bank has sent you the confirmation letter it is necessary to destroy any card you have by cutting across the magnetic strip.

FAQs on How to Shut or Terminate Kotak Bank Credit Card

  • Exactly how can I ask for cancellation of my Kotak Bank Credit card?You can request cancellation of your Kotak Bank credit card by calling client treatment cell of the financial institution or by submitting a created demand to the bank officials.
  • Do I require to terminate automatic repayments of credit card expense?
    Yes, if you have selected automatic repayments of your bank card expense, you need to terminate it before starting the termination process.
  • Is it needed to get rid of all charges and redeem accrued reward points on the card before shutting the charge card?
    Yes, it is necessary to do so. It needs to be discussed that redemption of built up incentive factors is not permitted once the cancellation procedure is begun by the lending institution.
  • Does shutting a charge card lead to high credit report application proportion?
    Yes, terminating a bank card does increase your credit rating use proportion.
  • Will my credit report decline substantially for closing a charge card?
    As a credit card is viewed as an open line of credit, termination of a bank card may impact your credit score in some way.

Close or Cancel Kotak Bank Credit Card by Calling Kotak Bank Customer Care

Kotak Financial institution consumers can shut or cancel their credit card by calling the Kotak customer care number 1860 266 0811, 1860 266 2666, or +91 22 6204 2001.

Call the number if you are remaining in India 1860 266 2666. If you are staying overseas or you are NRI client call the number +91 22 6204 2001 or choose your country from the below-mentioned listing and also call the number.

Country Contact Number
USA 1855-3656767
UAE 80001830148
SINGAPORE +658001013054
CANADA 18557684020
UK 0080044990000
HONGKONG 00180044990000
AUSTRALIA 001180044990000

Call the above number, as soon as the call attaches to the executive, request them to shut your charge card. They will certainly confirm your personal information like Card Number, Name, Mobile number, etc.

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